A Gun Maker Moves On

One of Connecticut’s gun manufacturers, PTR Industries, is departing the state in a melodramatic huff for gun-friendly South Carolina, complaining about the tightened gun safety laws enacted in Hartford by conscience-stricken legislators following the Newtown gun massacre of 20 children and 6 educators last December.

“One hundred percent of our product line is illegal in Connecticut,”explained John McNamara, the company’s vice president for sales. “They just want to collect our tax dollars on a product that they don’t think is safe to own.”

The sad truth, of course, is that PTR Industries and the rest of the gun industry have absolutely nothing to fear from Connecticut’s tougher controls on military-style assault rifles and large-scale bullet magazines. That’s because in 2005, Congress and President George W. Bush, in shameless obeisance to the gun lobby, immunized arms manufacturers from damage suits by gunshot victims. The gun lobby had sought this protection after relatives of the eight sniper victims in Washington, D.C., won $2.5 million in damages from a rifle manufacturer.

This outrageous law, called the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, can only be envied by other industries whose products might affect public safety. Not that the estimated $30 billion gun industry can’t afford liability; gun sales actually spiked during and after the national uproar about Newtown.

Gun-friendly states are courting other Connecticut arms makers. “Come on down!”tweeted Gov. Rick Perry of Texas. Josh Fiorini, PTR Industries’ chief executive, described South Carolinians’ hearty welcome and “excitement about our product line” for The Wall Street Journal: “Everybody wants to talk to you. Everybody wants a gun.”

Gov. Dannel Malloy of Connecticut did not quite say to PTR’s executives: Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. But his office succinctly explained: “We decided to prioritize public safety.”




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  1. Why should PTR or any of the other gun manufacturers in anti-gun states feel welcome? It’s been made very clear that Connecticut, New York, Colorado, and California have no use for the gun industry for anything other than tax revenue. Your mention of the 2005 legislation absolving gun manufacturers from responsibility for the illegal (Yes, murder is ILLEGAL in most states) use of their product does nothing more than extend the same protections that the motor vehicle industry has. You don’t see a huge cry for controls on Detroit when a little old lady puts her car in gear and mistakes the gas pedal for the brakes and runs over a bunch of kids on a schoolyard, but you DO hear those cries when some miscreant takes his gun and shoots up the same schoolyard. Regardless of the legislation, the reason for moving is simply this: They don’t feel welcome in the state. They feel stigmatized. Accordingly they are moving to a location where they feel welcome by the government AND the culture. Libs seem to have trouble understanding that concept. Probably has something to do with the decrease in tax revenue after the company leaves….

  2. In a huff? Lots of regular citizens are leaving the north east in a huff also. These stupid laws do nothing other than effect previously law abiding citizens they do nothing to prevent further mad men from attacking civilians. Gun free zones? Call them what they really are free fire zones with a guarantee you can cause as much mayhem as you like before anyone with the ability to respond does. Your premise is very flawed who holds auto manufactures responsible for drunk drivers? The only logical rational for these “laws” is the eventual disarming of the citizenry whuich can then be held hostage to those that remain armed .

  3. A “melodramatic huff” my arse! It is NOT true that gun mfrs. “have nothing to fear” from draconian gun laws. At the very least, gun owners across the country will perceive a damaged brand equity in any company that meekly accepts their fate in anti-gun states, and many of (including me) them have expressed that they will no longer buy products of companies that remain in anti-gun states. That makes a dent in their sales bigger than the market lost in their home state where their products are 100% illegal…to say nothing of the outrageous indignity of having their products decreed illegal in their state of residence.

    And I am one of the citizens of the former “constitution” state who will be departing its rabidly anti-gun climate for the Carolinas. And the once-proud birthplace of gun making, the forlorn sate of Connecticut, can go ahead and sink into Long Island Sound after we’re gone.

  4. Many small government Constitutionalists and companies that are over taxed, over regulated and are leaving as the progressive mindset and progressive state governments take away more and more of our liberties and freedoms with non-stop legislation. How many news laws do we need to pass every year? When does it all end?

  5. i will not suport new york any more than i have too,i will buy out of state anything i to keep them from grtting my tax dollars only thng thay may lisen to .but cuomo and grenburg are weather than i can dream of being,i am only a disable vet dont count in this state

  6. The author of this article is deluded. First off, it doesnt matter if they are in a huff of not. The state made their products illegal. Why stick around to support the state with taxes. And, as is mentioned above, why shouldn’t the industry enjoy the protections that the auto industry enjoys. Saying they shouldnt is like saying Sears should be held responsible for people that kill others with a hammer. And more people were killed last year by hammers, they all rifles combined.

  7. If you can sue a gun maker for someone shooting you family. Then you should be able to sue carmakers for DUI related deaths.

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