Why do some trust UPDATE:

Why do some trust their local sheriff and others don’t.

A short historical prospective.

  •  I remember one day while driving through upstate New York, I came to a little town called Andes. There was a play or re-enactment of the Rent Wars that were going on in most of New York during the early 19th century.
  •  During that time in our history the sheriff like today served under the state which was controlled by large land estate holders aka “benevolent landowner” like the descendants of Kiliaen Van Rensselaer. They also were members of the legislature and power brokers in Albany and NYC so their power was vast.
  •  Under the terms of most contacts that people of little means, had to sign to rent and live on the patroon’s land, was that they had to pay rent after a 5 year grace period based on what the renter produced and sold. This was agreed upon by most land renters with the understanding that after a set period of time the land would be theirs.
  •  Each tenant was required to state their loyalty to the patroon, without question. The oath of allegiance has been recorded by history and each tenant was required to state it to the patroon’s representative. The following is the oath stated by each tenant:

I,<name>, promise and swear that I shall be true and faithful to the noble Patroon and Co-directors, or those Commissioners and Council, subjecting myself to the good and faithful inhabitant or Burgher, without exciting any opposition, tumult, or noise; but on the contrary, as a loyal inhabitant, to maintain and support offensively and of the Colonie. And with reverence and fear of the Lord, and uplifting of both the first fingers of the right hand, I say — SO TRULY HELP ME GOD ALMIGHTY.

  •  There was a catch. If you were not able to pay the rent because of a bad year or something happened, you were still required to pay that years rent with interest. Most of the time the people were in a modern “catch 22“. So the sheriff was dispatched to evict the tenant off the land, he and his family worked for decades. There was no love or understanding of the sheriff‘s official duties. Everyone knew that he worked for the state aka patroon’s, and they never trusted what they said even if they agreed with the land renters. The sheriff was an extension of the law coming from the patroon’s.
  •  The government of the Manor of Rensselaerswyck was vested in a general court, which exercised executive, legislative or municipal, and judicial functions. This court was composed of two commissioners, styled “Gecommitteerden”, and two councilors, called “Gerechts-persoonen”, or “Schepenen”. These last equated to our modern justices of the peace. There was also a colonial secretary, a “Schout-fiscaal”, or sheriff, and a”Gerechts-bode”, court messenger or constable.
  • The magistrates held their offices for a year, the court appointing their successors. The most important office in the colony was the schout-fiscaal, or sheriff. Jacob Albertsen Planck was the first sheriff of Rensselaerswyck. Arendt van Curler, who came out originally as assistant commissary, was soon after his arrival made commissary-general, or superintendent of the colony, and acted as colonial secretary until 1642, when he was succeeded by Anthony de Hooges.


So one day in the 1830’s the re-enactment showed how local tenants organized and through subversion and using rebel tactics, (some had served or had family who served during the revolutionary war against the British) battled against the state and county sheriff.

  •  Just as a point of reference, the patroon Rensselaerswyck was granted large estates by the Dutch and when the British took over, the land grants was carried over because the British had the same laws regarding land grants from the King to his loyal subjects “patroon’s”. After the American Revolution the colony now the state of New York, kept the patroon system in place. This was because those in the legislature were the same patroon descendants that were governing the state when it was a colony of the British Empire.
  •  After a period of time with no money coming into the state’s pockets because the patroon’s didn’t pay any real land taxes, (the tenants were the ones who paid through there rents), and the state possibly facing a state revolution the Governor at the time with some legislator’s decided to adopt new laws dissolving the patroon system in New York.
  •  Going to school in the 70’s I never heard about this piece of history and I don’t think many New Yonkers know about it.


Why is this relevant to today’s 21st century regarding hunters, gun lovers, property owners or just plain old “just keep out of my facefreedom patriots? Its a lesson that you should never trust a branch of the state or local government period! The sheriff will as he is directed to by the DA’s office confiscate your guns. He may have signed a petition that he supports your rights as a gun owner, but that piece of paper has no legal binding on him or anyone who sign’s it.

  •  There will be some rank and file deputies and beat cops that will walk off their jobs and support gun rights. But trust me the DA’s will tell the sheriff to carry out the law and if he doesn’t have enough manpower the state’s national guard will be empowered and will carry out the law. Don’t think it can’t happen.




Read your history and understand that the people back in the 1830’s were fighting the same state power’s that are there today. The only difference is the privilege that most come from. Never trust a government official that they will support you, and will not carry out the law. Ever. Few who will be on our side will lose there jobs and position, just like our founding father’s did. The rest will be like the Tories who work and support the state.

God bless America

and never forget our history that says,

the state is subservient to the people

not the other way around.





PRAETORIAN CLASS: NY Senate Exempts Retired Cops From SAFE Act & Criminalizes Annoying a Cop


The Praetorian Guard were the elite guard for Roman Emperors & Generals and were specially deputized as such by the government & treated as such by the dependent citizens of Rome, as to not face imprisonment or physical harm. 

Through the growth of a corrupt government that is creating special laws, exclusions, and titles for government employees, a praetorian class has been born in America. And what better example of this than Mayor Bloomberg’s model in New York City?

Bloomberg has morphed NYC into an environment fostering the creation of the government praetorian class with his own gross violation of power-like his self-anointed third term-and dictatorial use of the law against the residents of New York, and the same goes with governor Cuomo.

The Praetorian of New York, or as Bloomberg called it, his “personal army”, is the NYPD. And as of the unannounced special 2AM session last night, the NY Senate exempted RETIRED cops from the S.A.F.E. act, New York’s form of tyranny against gun owners & related industry, which, 

  • banned the purchase of semiautomatic rifles
  • required the sale or registration of guns with government
  • criminalized carrying more than 7 bullets in a magazine
  • encouraged and required doctors to report gun owners to police
  • gave ammo to current and future tyrants seeking to further diminish the Rights of the individual

The NY Senate is also pushing new legislation that would criminalize what they call, “annoying” a cop, but what is really a blanket law, like disorderly conduct, which allows government to arrest and harass innocent citizens for filming cops, protesting, or whatever they want. It’s a great way to centralize or harmonize the justice system so that probable cause, innocence until proven guilty, and other Rights don’t “get in the way” of the growth and process of government. 

Whether its your Right to film a cop, protest new tyranny, own a gun, protect yourself, or associate with others, the NY senate & government  is becoming more transparent in its agenda, to create laws that control people, harm Citizens, and exempt themselves from their own dictates and the chaos they create.

Government creates laws that create crisis and situations that they can use to create more laws, and as long as they are exempt and maintain power, they are safe from the consequences of their laws, which they impose on the citizens who sacrificed for their gain and sacrifice when laws are implemented.

They want gun-free states, but armed guards,  and they want a surveillance state, but no citizens filming cops. It is tyranny for all, to protect the limitless corruption of the elitegovernment

Ahmed Serag



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